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since 2011​


Short Bus Catering's  mission is to deliver the best catering experience to our clients and their guest.  We feel that our menus should not only consist of delicious cuisine, but it should be crafted from the finest & freshest ingredients. Since each of our menus are custom designed according to your desires, you won’t be choosing from a “one size fits all” solution.  Short Bus Catering believes that using high quality food and professional service should never be compromised.  We feel that every party we do, large or small, should have a special touch to make our customers see how much we care.


Though great food is important, we believe planning is an integral part of any successful event. Beginning with your vision, we’ll devise a written plan to make sure everything is covered, from beginning to the end. We'll work as a team with you and your other professionals (event coordinator, wedding planner, DJ, etc.) to ensure that your event exceeds your expectations. A great event depends on attention to detail.


Last, but equally important is execution. Having a plan is necessary, but executing a memorable event includes putting that plan into action. We want your experience with Short Bus to be  an unforgettable adventure!

Our Mission and Principles
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