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Philosophy on Food & Menu Design


At Short Bus Catering, we create unique and memorable experiences for you and your guests. There are no "standard" menu packages, so each menu is created for your special occasion.


We create our food using only freshest and high quality ingredients.  We take pride in using local resources when in season.  You won’t find the tired, traditional wedding reception or banquet food on our menus; you and your guests deserve better.




Since each catered occasion is unique (time, location, number of guests, etc.) we are unable to accurately quote pricing on our website. After a short phone conversation or email to hear about your specific needs, our written proposal will give you a complete, itemized cost for your event, including menu, staff fees and rental estimate. There will be no hidden fees or miscellaneous service charges!


While many caterers offer all-inclusive packages, our ala carte pricing ensures that you will not be paying for services or amenities that you do not need. Many of our clients also work with event designers and wedding coordinators who handle the décor and linens, so we do not lump them into our costs (though we can also handle all of these needs).


 Last, you will be comforted in the fact that we will not lure you in with a low priced “basic package“ to then up-sell you with added fees and charges.


We customize menus to fit your tastes, so please browse our food as well as sample menus for ideas and inspiration. 


Since our prices can vary greatly depending on your specific needs, give us a call and we will get working on your customized proposal and event menu!

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